Thursday, April 22, 2010


One day this year Kay Tor gave me a planner at which I already had one and did not write in the one that I had so instead of starting writing my homework down and other important school related stuff in it or saying that I did not need one although I really wanted it for the soft soft paper that it was bound with I took it from her paw and decided to write a poem it every day of what I did that day. So in the future I can look back on it and remember what a great 2010 I had or just how lame I was when I was 20 years of age.

I did not get it right at the beginning of the year but I went back to the past days of 2010 and wrote "poems" to what I did that day if I remembered what went on or if I had already written it down somewhere.

Also not all of these poems rhyme they are mostly just little blurbs that I try to rhyme but call poems just what ever pops into my mind I say so here it goes.

Also this most likely will not be up dated every day so don't count on it.

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