Thursday, April 22, 2010

February 14th 2010

Happy Birthday Simon Pegg!
The big four oh!
Although you do not seem that age
you are geting mighty old.
Shaela and I did the math and calculated your time zone.
And thought at this moment in life you were making sweet love to your wife.

February 13th 2010

Today is a wonderful day not only for the fact
that it is the day before Valentines Day or Simon Pegg's birthday.
Today is a grand ol' day because it's my birthday
and I have turned into an old fart...20 years.

February 12th 2010

A celebration of two decades of Sarah Mother Fucking Daives happened tonight!
T'was a birthday party we got drunk and drummed and danced and drew.
Cap Guns fired and we all got excited.
All because of me and the great accuse of having a party.

February 9th 2010

Tonight I did not partake in tie tuesday
I had better things to do.
Kyle and I shot footage for a secrete movie we are making.

February 3st 2010

Our textiles are due! I made a pillow it was green with orange guns the class they loved it!
I talked about that movie I love so and explained the bet that Shaela and I have made!

February 3st 2010

february 2st 2010

Tie Tuesday was low key I had to work on my project it did not go smoothy,
then I understood and got it right
oh and Shaela, Raychul, Pat and Adam came over to watch Star Trek.
Picard got taken by the Borg OH NO!